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The Mediterranean island at the crossroads of three continents, where there’s always a new world to discover. Where East meets West and a new experience awaits for you under the sun everyday. Where Championship Golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails lie around luxurious hotels. Once you’ve been to Cyprus, it’s easy to see why you’ll come back again.

When to visit cyprus


Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate: hot, dry summers from June to September and mild, wet winters from November to March, which are separated by short Autumn and Spring seasons of rapid change in weather patterns in October, April and May. Sunshine is abundant during the whole year, particularly from April to November when the daily average exceeds eleven hours. Winds are on the whole light to moderate. Gales are very infrequent and heavy storms rare.

Snow hardly falls in the lowlands and on the northern range, but is a frequent feature every winter on ground above 1.000 metres in the Troodos range. From December till April snow is usually in evidence there, but hardly continuous. Yet, during the coldest months it lies in considerable depth for several weeks, attracting skiers.

Beach Cyprus


protaras beach


Protaras has clear sky-blue waters and sandy beaches, the most well-known of which is Fig Tree Bay located about 10 km (6 mi) southwest.

ayia napa beach

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus, known for its beaches with golden sand....



Paphos is a cosmopolitan resort which boasts of beautiful countryside, historic sights as well as beaches and sporting activities...



A cosmopolitan sea-side destination with a unique identity, based on its rich history and culture, its special characteristics and the wide variety of options available...



Lying in the center of Cyprus, Nicosia is today, the last divided capital in the world and is a cultural bridge between the past and present...



It holds a major international airport and the island's second most important commercial port. It has a marina for yachts and is an important tourist resort....

Troodos mountain

Troodos Mountains

Here, you will find cool, pine-scented air, quiet mountain villages, wineries, wine and hiking routes, waterfalls and lonely monasteries....

Akamas Peninsula

Akamas Peninsula

Located on the north western tip of the Cyprus , it is an area of great beauty and is one of the least inhabited places on the island....

Cyprus Church

A Unique Experience

Rich in history

The history of Cyprus is one of the oldest recorded in the world and its historical significance is disproportionate to its small size. Considerable resources of copper and timber found in the island combined to make it a highly desirable territorial acquisition.The first signs of cilivisation date to the ninth millennium B.C., but it was the discovery of copper (3900 – 2500 B.C.) that was to bring trade and wealth to the island.


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Offering 14 wedding ceremony and reception venues islandwide from Protaras & Ayia Napa to Paphos.

A wide selection of exquisite venues with stunning views over the Mediterranean crystal clear sea. Say “I DO” in Cyprus, the island of love.


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